The voice of Georgia - a small business owner in Victoria trying to get through lockdown five!

Lockdown 5

Georgia. A small business owner in Victoria, Australia. 

Let's start with the one positive. I bought my own home in 2020, so living through this latest lockdown in my own home with my children is a lot easier than living with my parents, which is what I did for all or last year. We deliberately don't watch much mainstream media news. Avoiding fear-based news reporting is one of the ways we have coped better in lockdown five. Both of my daughters have commented on how much easier and less stressful it has  been since we have all switched off from the news.

But my main feelings are anger, frustration and disillusionment.

I am genuinely worried about the long term affects of these harsh lockdowns, and the impact on our society. There have been, and will continue to be, huge losses of small independent businesses like mine. Our society may never be the same, and it breaks my heart. I have a great sense of grief, longing for the world before COVID. 

I feel angry and frustrated that our government has cherry picked which businesses can continue to trade and continue to earn a living. I feel angry and frustrated that authorities are encouraging people to 'dob in' their fellow citizens for breaching COVID guidelines - it reminds me of another terrible time in history where people were encouraged to spy and report on their neighbours.

Only just yesterday, the local police were called to attend my small business for apparently breaching guidelines. I was in my small retail store waiting for a customer to collect an order. I was alone. At no point did the customer come into my store - in fact it's blocked. Yet someone felt the need to report me to the police.

Do you think they have felt the need to report the likes of Kmart and Officeworks for operating in the same way?

Meanwhile, the person probably mindlessly walked into the coffee shop or the bottle shop next door without giving that action a second thought.

My business has a lot of local support, but in moments like this one, it makes me questions our society. I would love to pack up and leave however there is nowhere to go...well, Tasmania is looking good perhaps. 

I’m just trying to keep positive, stay off triggering posts on social media and eat healthy food. If I can’t control what's happening around me, I can at least control my own health!