Some tips on getting through lockdown...

I had the pleasure of chatting Carina as part of the Working Mumma Community about some tips on getting through lockdowns. 

Some of the take-aways from our discussion:

  • The experience is different for everyone
  • Never underestimate how the little things can have a big impact - giving someone a call, saying hello, playing a game with your children 
  • There are natural emotions that you go through with any major change, as demonstrated in the Kubler Ross change curve. The tip is to recognise your emotions and those around you, so that you minimise the amount of time in the 'depressions' stage
  • Look for the small things that give you joy
  • You can’t control everything - focus on what you can control 

Find the full Instagram live chat here: Working Mumma | Carina O’Brien on Instagram: “Had a chat with Jo Fuller @20_voices about the feelings and emotions of living through lockdowns. She wrote a book in 2020 documenting the…”

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